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Monday, 17th January, 2022
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By Stuart McLaren

I've kinda given up on publishing 'news' on the site, I find it easier just to let you get on with it on the Message Boards! Any news snippets I do have, I'll put on here, such as reports from the AGM etc., and I do occasionally pick up some juicy snippets on Match Day!
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Here We Go

8th July, 2021

Here are my thoughts on the season to come, along with the reason I won't be there to witness it first-hand, at least for now.


Pre-Season Round Up

4th July, 2021

Queens completed their 3 game pre-season yesterday with a 2-1 win over our old rivals from the Cley Hole. Here, mainly so I remember it all when I come to write my season review!, is a round up of the 3 games.


Season Review2020/2021RoundUp

28th May, 2021
Not wanting to get too carried away, but I'm looking at the Championship lineup for next year and thinking that for the first time in a long time, there's no outstanding team in it. So, can we get enough players to mount a challenge?


Season Review 2020/2021 Part 6

24th May, 2021
As a Queens fan on the back of a 4 game winning streak, what's the last thing you want? That's right, a game against Alloa. After a terrible 1st third of the season, an amazing middle third, Queens were about to limp home to comfortably secure our Championship place.


Season Review 2020/2021 Part 5

20th May, 2021
Queens great run since the turn of the year had seen Connor Shields crowned Championship Player of the Month and Alan Johnstone as Manager of the Month. Could we keep it up?


Season Review 2020/2021 Part 4

17th May, 2021
As the worst year in our life-time came to an end, Queen's fans had it worse than most as we again sat rooted to the bottom of The Championship. Things, as Professor Brian Cox once said, Could only Get Better!


Season Review 2020/2021 Part 3

13th May, 2021
After picking up a first win of the season in the League Cup, could Queens now kick-on and start climbing away from the bottom of the league.


Season Review 2020/2021 Part 2

10th May, 2021
The delayed season kicked off on 6th October with a League Cup group match at Morton. News came through at half-time that Morton's Pay Per View had failed so they were streaming the match free on YouTube, giving me the opportunity to watch the 2nd half. It was to put me off for the rest of the season!


Season Review 2020/2021 Part 1

6th May, 2021
How to review a season that never was for me, as the Corona Virus limited me to just a couple of live games on the telly? Won't be a long season review this year!


Fantasy Betting League

1st May, 2021
A low key Fantasy Betting League, in keeping with everything else this season, saw Mighty South remove Middleagedirtbag from his throne in a 4 man league.


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