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Monday, 17th June, 2024
The latest news (and rumours) from Palmerston.
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By Stuart McLaren

I've kinda given up on publishing 'news' on the site, I find it easier just to let you get on with it on the Message Boards! Any news snippets I do have, I'll put on here, such as reports from the AGM etc., and I do occasionally pick up some juicy snippets on Match Day!
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Season Review 2023/2024 Round

5th June, 2024

A round-up of everything that has been happening Queens and League 1 wise since our season finished.


Season Review 2023/24 Part 6

29th May, 2024

Early results in March went badly for us, throwing us right back into the relegation battle.   It was becoming difficult to know how Marvin was still in a job, although the fact the 3 Directors had announced they were leaving at the end of the season probably had something to do with it!


Season Review 2023/24 Part 5

25th May, 2024

Queens went into 2024 in much better shape than it had looked like we'd be in at the end of October, I was pretty confident it would see us pushing for the promotion play-off places rather than battling to avoid the relegation one!


Season Review 2023/24 Part 4

22nd May, 2024

If September and October had been about as bad as things had been for 20 years, November and December were slightly better, but it was a very low bar!


Season Review 2023/24 Part 3

18th May, 2024

I'm going to cover September and October in this section.  It was a couple of months which started with Queens looking good and finished with Marvin "Doing a Marvin" and blaming Harvey Walker's inability to defend from a throw-in for a defeat, ignoring the fact that we hadn't troubled the scorekeeper at the other end!


Season Review 2023/24 Part 2

15th May, 2024

It seems a long time ago now, but the first few weeks of the season were actually quite promising as we went through our League Cup Group undefeated, only going out because we couldn't win penalty shootouts in the drawn games. It looked like it was going to be a decent season?


Season Review 2023/24 Part 1

11th May, 2024

It seems like a distant memory now, but hopes were high going into this season.  Things had improved greatly in the 2nd half of last season under Marvin, and while most expected Falkirk to finally manage to get out of this division at the 5th attempt, we expected us and Hamilton to be the sides most likely to challenge them.


2023/2024 Squad Stats

3rd May, 2024

OK, so looking at this, it looks like something went wrong somewhere along the line, but here's a rough idea of the players stats from a pretty poor season.


Final League Table

3rd May, 2024

The final League Table, we'd hoped for a lot better, it was so nearly a lot worse!


Final Fantasy Betting League

3rd May, 2024

Another 3 horse race this year, I see I managed to spectacularly jump into a share of 2nd with a cracking final day score, but the runaway winner this year was QoS1_StMirren1.  Congratulations.


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