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Friday, 19th July, 2024
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By Stuart McLaren

Got something worth saying that you don't want to get lost on the Message Board?

On a more serious note, can anyone help with the following request :

I wonder if you can help me. My father-in-Law recently died. One of the things that I discovered about him was that her played for Scotland U16s and then went on to play, eventually, for QoS in the 50's. I am trying to find out some information about his career.

He was called John (Ian) Brownlee Hepburn. Can you suggest where I may be able to get this information. My wife once bought him a replica shirt from the time he played which she now owns and wears with pride. It would be great to fill her in a little about his career.

Any help will be appreciated.

I can be contacted at:



Queens Best Player

What about Jimmy Millar or Jim Donald or Chopper Dickson.A short story about the latter.Queen's were playing Dundee in a midweek game and Strachan was playing with Dundee at the time.After the game Strachan came into the players lounge after the game (which was up there) with his arm in a sling and he was crying. Seemingly Chopper had booted him up and down the park all game.

Cheers for now.

Mark Blount.( )


What happened to George 'Chopper' Dickson, and Kenny Dalglish's Best Man - Jim Donald ?

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