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Friday, 19th July, 2024
Why 'The Only Team In The Bible'
We Are In There Somewhere

By Stuart McLaren

I'm sure you don't need to ask, but......

The Only Team In The Bible?

Some of my less well educated readers may be wondering what the title of the site is all about. Well, the fact is that Queen of the South are the only British team who are mentioned in the bible. (I was going to claim to be the only team in the world but Little Town of Bethlehem may argue the point). If you don't believe me the next time you are in a hotel (I'm sure you won't have your own bibles, you heathens) look in the bottom drawer of your bedside cabinet and in the book you find there look up

Matthew 12:42


Luke 11:31

and be amazed.

P.S. If any Wolverhampton Wonders fans are going to try to tell me they are mentioned in the bible they can get lost!

Arsenal fans, please read on :- Queens are the "Only Team in the Bible". If you check your King James version of the bible you will see that Jeremiah 50:25 actually refers to an "armoury" and not an arsenal.

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