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Sunday, 31st May, 2020
Steven Leslie
He is an Answer.

By Stuart McLaren

Good Luck

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1. Who scored Queens goals in the 2008 Scottish Cup Final?

Steve Tosh and Jim Thomson

2. How far out was Ryan McCann when he scored Queens 2nd goal against Dundee in the 2008 Scottish Cup Quarter Final?

84 yards

3. Name the opposition, the score, and date, of the 2008 Scottish Cup Semi Final?

Aberdeen, 4-3, 12/04/2008

4. Who was the first Queens player to score in a Scottish Cup Final?

Steve Tosh

5. I wrote a (so far) unpublished poem after the Cup Final. See if you can guess the missing word?

There was one from the head of Big Jim,
And a pass from Steven Dobbie,
Big Sean he hit the line,
Steven Tosh Scored a goal with his Blankety Blank

Question submitted by Stuart McLaren

midriff (sorry, no other answer can be accepted).

6. Who scored the winning goal in Queens epic Scottish Cup Semi Final win against Aberdeen in 2008?

John Stewart

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