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Friday, 19th July, 2024
Peter Dickson
Peter Dickson
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By Stuart McLaren

When Queens signed Peter Dickson, it was possibly the best transfer they had ever made. So where is he now?

Peter Dickson.....

......last heard of him around four years ago when he was working as a sales rep, selling CCTV security systems with Thorn Security in East Kilbride.

A colleague of mine at the time took my Ayr Utd vs Queens 1996 Scottish cup tie, 4th round programme, to Peter where he re-lived past glories and signed my fading souvenir. He was tickled apparently that he is still held in such high esteem at Palmerston. It would be nice to see him back, even as guest of honour. Actually, he would probably even get a game if he brought his kit!

Stuart King [sking4@JACGB.JNJ.COM]

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